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mobileIs your website hard to read or navigate through on a mobile device? You could be missing out on clients.

By 2014, mobile intetnet users will exc
eed desktop internet users, making it extremely important to be mobile compatible. Because of this, it is becoming an increasingly important source of advertising for businesses. If your website is hard to read or navigate on a mobile device, your customers could be turning away from your website.

We recommend going with a responsive website over building a seperate website that is mobile friendly. In 2012, Google announced that they want to see a mobile responsive website, over having a second website that is mobile friendly. A mobile responsive website means that one website design displays properly on all devices. The website will change accordingly to the size of the screen of your device. This is built in the code to happen automatically. Whether you’re using a desktop computer, laptop, or tablet, the same website will display on your screen, but in a slightly different format. It will show a version that is best viewable on that device. With a mobile responsive website you only need to build one version of your website to appear properly on different devices.

Golden Marketing llc can help you create your company’s mobile marketing campaigns with mobile friendly websites making it easy for your customers to find what they need on any device.

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